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    So many bears and cubs joined that we decided to make an even better site specifically for older gay men and the hot young twinks who want to date them. Start meeting gay daddies and toyboys and find out for yourself.

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    For most men, the issue remains a little more embarrassing. Tanya Gold tracks down some serious enthusiasts I am standing in the Harmony sex shop in central London, staring up a plastic vagina. But a few weeks ago I read a news story about some men in Sweden who have reported a pharmacy to the Swedish equal opportunities ombudsman for sexual discrimination. Because it stocks sex toys for women, but not for men. "The big thing at the moment are the anal toys," he says, waving at a wall of Rocks Off Naughty Boy prostate massagers. Straight men didn't used to want to buy anything anal," he beams at me. " "Toys are a lot more acceptable now than they used to be," Simon muses. Women use them, couples use them to simulate a threesome, and gay men have male dolls." (I checked out a male Real Doll.

    Now people don't usually talk about this; they rabbit on about the rabbit, but the plastic vagina has yet to have its Sex and the City moment. "That's all changed." Together we peruse inflatable dolls there is an obese one called Fatima the Fully Functioning Sex Doll, who I feel a weird compassion for and some vaginas. "There is more crossover between the mainstream and us. He's called Charlie, and I would go there.) Zazakell first saw a Real Doll on the So Graham Norton show. Do you remember when you had a cuddly toy when you were younger? You need to have some sort of contact, and touch at any age. We use electric blankets with our dolls so they aren't cold.

    This help tremendously infiltering out the useless profiles. Here you avoid some of the BS on other dating sites, as everyone knows the game going in. It's not just for people who are attached, however.

    Basically, if you're looking to hook up, this is a pretty good option. Craig's List Personals This has become the ultimate personals site.

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    ) "The bum toys go to couples, but a lot of women still don't like the idea of their men screwing a plastic vagina," he says. "There is no way I could get rid of her." Do you mind that she can't talk?He chooses his words carefully, saying: "Male sex toys don't look quite as er cuddly as female sex toys. "A vibrator doesn't have to look like a penis," he says. If you are romantic you will probably give your doll a name and you will dress her nicely and you might talk to her occasionally. "There is only one time that I saw a photograph of a doll that had been run over by a delivery truck and crushed," says Zazakell.A vibrator looks more attractive than a fake vagina." I pout at him. You cannot say it looks like a face a car door slammed into. "A vagina always looks like a vagina." We pause together in front of Australia's Finest Vibrating Pussy and Ass. There is a big difference between a sex toy like a vibrator and a doll. "There was almost an outcry that the person published the photos on the internet. Because we [i-dollators] felt so badly that a doll had been run over. Any time you want it, it's available." I also find a man buying the Fleshlight. He owns two pouting Real Dolls Ginger Brooke and Kelly Sue. He speaks incredibly seriously, in a southern drawl. Kelly is more aggressive." So I ask him why do you sleep with Real Dolls (three times a week), and never real women? But I had more fun with Ginger in the first month than I ever had with human women. There is no evil in them." But there is no good in them either, I point out. "They look the same today as they did when I got them. I want to be buried with them." I also speak to a British i-dollator, who asks to be called Zazakell. It's not hatred of men that is keeping Australia's Finest Vibrating Pussy and Ass off the shelves at Boots. According to her drooling website, Sidore is "a Cancer, partial to Joy Division, videogames and foot rubs". Dolls are wonderful, but they can't move, and they can't speak". So I ask him you would really rather have a relationship with a robot than a really beautiful er actress? "That is the end all, be all of it." He doesn't like to use the term sex toy for Sidore."It's demeaning and it's limiting," he says. When people think sex doll, they think blow-up toys or something really crude" I briefly think of poor, obese Fatima "not something you can actually have a relationship with. I consider myself a doll husband." Mr G, 41, lives in Virginia. When he first got Ginger Brooke, he explains: "I thought this would be great for sex and somebody to hang out with. They don't break the law, they don't lie to me, and they aren't going to steal.

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      But if you want to get really down & dirty with some private action, you'll have to pull out the plastic & get on board!

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